Hall of Fame

Hall of fame

Welcome to our Hall of Fame! Here we have listed all the CasinoPlex players who have won a Jackpot with us. To get your name on the list, simply play any of our Jackpot games here CasinoPlex and if you win, then you will be added to our Hall of Fame list!


Hall of Fame – 2016

Name Currency Jackpot Game
Cesare B. EUR 1,407.25
Claudio A. EUR 927.10
Gaborne B. USD 2,140.12
Valerio G EUR 9,379.95



Hall of Fame – 2015

Name Currency Jackpot Game
Anna Maria EUR 24,034.55
Elisa B. EUR 5,363.54
Anna Maria EUR 57,452.00
Andrea N EUR 69,957.26
Enda Phipps EUR 21,011.80
Domenico L P EUR 61,288.00
Alber EUR 8178.93


Hall of Fame – 2014

Name Currency Jackpot Game
Anna Maria EUR 530,996.16
Palmiro EUR 151,203.3
Esa Pekka EUR 41,914.24
Massimiliano EUR 19,822.00
Jan EUR 19,557.00
Anna EUR 14,787.58
Samantha USD 10,280.29
Albert A USD 8,756.09
Jarred USD 5,361.00
Sean USD 3,077.89
Farhat GBP 2,297.10